Tuesday, November 13, 2012


hubs and i went to the mumford & sons concert at the hollywood bowl last night and can i just tell you.  i'm not a fan of stacked parking.  it's a bitch when you're tired and just want to get home but can't because the cars in front of you and behind you and on both sides of you WON'T MOVE.

but the boys were grand and it was worth it.  even on a monday night.

it's now mid morning and i should be getting my ass over to trader joes to shop for dinner and meals for the rest of the week.  but i've been lounging on the couch for close to 3 hours and can't get myself to even wash my face or change out of my pjs.  i just want to do nothing.

that said, i thought back to this quick and easy lunch i made last week to get myself motivated.  it was exactly what i wanted - healthy and delish.  tip: salmon from tj's is fab.

and in our house, sriracha is a staple.  can you tell.

*marinated baked salmon with white rice and broccoli with sesame shitake dressing.*


  1. Soo jealous you went to the mumford & sons concert! I love them!

    That lunch looks awesome! It's so hard to motivate when you want to do nothing.

  2. Massive jug of soy sauce can be acquired where?

  3. How was The concert? I have bought The tickets for Madrid ' concert and i

  4. We adore Mumford and sriracha, as well. Good taste. :)