Monday, November 26, 2012


what did you buy on black friday.  or over the weekend.  or today's cyber monday.  i really want to know.

i've been scouring the nets, trying to save some money by spending some dolla billz but whomp whomp, the only thing i was able to score was this dyson vacuum.  i mean.  it's good sh*t, BUT.

in other news, we saw this movie over the weekend.  i don't care what anybody says.  i love BC.

poll:  real or fake tree.  we had a real one last year.  but i'm feeling lazy this year.  lazy and fat.

ok.  i'm off to troll around the web some more.  and i may or may not bake cookies later tonight.



  1. We have a dyson and I LOVE it. Vacuum cleaners that don't suck totally suck. Hah.

    Ahhh I totally want to see Silver Linings! I just read the book and have been dying to go!

    Hmmm fake trees are much easier to care for...

    Please send cookies.

  2. Real tree. Always a real tree. I can't compromise on that.

    I only bought a tree at Lowe's and books from Amazon this weekend so no discounts there. I'm hoping my in-laws went to HH Gregg for the camera we want (Nikon D3100)... fingers crossed!