Thursday, January 31, 2013


...for your sympathetic comments.  i should really just suck it up but i can't help complaining.  but it seems normal given your reaction so thank you for letting my inner whine shout to the high skies.

i feel like sharing some personal goodies here today.

first pic is the wallpaper installed in our bedroom.  it's just one wall because the room is small and i didn't want to be engulfed in peonies.  but the gold is subtle enough to not feel overwhelming and i think it's perfect.

side note:  the paris poster is from... paris.  i asked my sister to get me a 'vintage map' during her most recent trip there.  sure, in the bottom right corner it says 'made in korea'... but she carted it across the ocean and then some for me, so it gets a prominent place in our home.

the next two pics are of the nursery.  our biggest contribution to the room are the prints and the frames.  oh, and the crib, which you don't see.  

everything else - books, shoes, baby clothes, baby stuff - are mostly hand me downs or gifts.

*my pics*

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


i'm 2 weeks from my due date and this waiting is just so. not. fun.  i was hoping for some good news from my doc today aka i'm close but apparently i'm so NOT close.  boo.

a lot of people have been giving us advice like 'get sleep now' and 'eat what you want now' and 'spend time with your hubs now'.  while appreciated, it's all i can do to not shoot daggers from my eyes to say 'stfu, leave me alone, i'm annoyed and uncomfortable'.

even my own doc compared me to jessica simpson noting how LOOOOOONG my pregnancy has felt.  i was like... sh*t, seriously.  i'm so ready already.

sorry for the whine sesh.

on that note, how adorable are scott and garance?  so cute.

photo via mr. newton.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


if she took those glasses off, would there be laser beams or rainbows?

 via jak and jil.


are you a big reader?

i'm not.

but i love pictures.  love.  don't know about you but mine are all jumbled around on our external hard drive, my computer, my phone, my camera, through instagram, costco, picasa, kodak gallery, snapfish.  i've been meaning to put together photo albums for years now because what's the point of having digital copies all over the place without easy access to my favorite snapped moments.  but i've never been inspired by any of the products out there.

then i stumbled upon artifact uprising via oh joy and i'm obsessed.  it's a major project to build these books because i'm going to want to treat each picture and then work the layout and etc.  but for a lovely sunday, it might be a project worth endeavoring.

and 10% off with offer code INKEDFINGERS through tomorrow.

Friday, January 18, 2013


have you always wanted jenni kayne shoes?  i have.

so these are on sale and i'm going to buy one or the other.  because i can't afford both.

i'm leaning towards the copper evening slippers because they are pretty funky fresh.  the tuxedo slippers are a bit too stuffy.

ok.  thanks for helping me make my decision.

Monday, January 14, 2013


this was my attempt at a high falootin' fancy hair style.  it turned out to be more of a bun than a braid even though there was a braid up in there somewhere.  oh wells.

*i tried.*

Thursday, January 10, 2013


only one of these comes with a tutorial.

where can i find how to do the other two?  gahhh.

help me.

via 123.


we're going to a black tie wedding this weekend.  i'm not sure what that means except it sounds pretty fancy.

my hubs would never sport a bowtie.  but these guys look so hot.  can you wear a bowtie/ dress shirt combo with just a regular suit?  or does it have to be a tux?  see.  i have no idea.

via pinterest.

i'm in my own personal dressing conundrum. 8 months pregnant means 'balloony' no matter how you slice and dice it.  i'll let you know how i end up styling myself and the 40 pounds i've gained.  it should be interesting.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


omg what?  never would i have thought versace could take space in my closet.  but i'm feeling these beauties.

the print dress is my least favorite but i still wouldn't turn it down.

is versace coming back down to earth?  or did i miss something.  what's happening.

versace pre-fall 2013 runway via wwd.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


i'm thisclose to babytimes, ppl.

this might be TMI but my body has been growing non stop and the stretch marks have been soooo marking their territory... like i actually get sad-faced over it it's so bad.   i've oiled and lotioned like a good little grease monkey but my skin is apparently destined for stretchmarkdom.  bummers.

or is it?  i turn 33 this weekend and truth be told, my bikini body hasn't been bikini worthy for about 10 years.  but i've stuffed my body into bikinis anyways.

so i guess now's the time to really start investing in some cute one-pieces.

yes, the blue floral print is definitely kind of mommy-ish.  but then again.  that's what i'll be shortly.  so.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013


i don't know if it's because i have cabin fever or what.  but i'm daydreaming again.

ever since following jordan's temporary move to paris, i've been salivating over my own potential parisian dalliances.  the food, the streets, the fashion, the museums, the gardens.  i mean, the probability of it actually ever happening is, like, zero, or more like, negative, but seriously.  wouldn't it be awesome.


paris is a far cry.

but you know what?  hawaii isn't.  and i'm kind of just as obsessed with hawaii.  for different reasons:  the beach, the air, the attitude, the life.  problem is, my husband has a great career going on here that doesn't give him the option of being anywhere outside of LA.  wah.

have you ever just picked up and left to experience something new somewhere new?

i just want one year of living in any one of my dream cities.  is that lame?  irresponsible?

Thursday, January 3, 2013


it's 2013.  can you believe it.

a part of me is sad 2012 is over.  and more specifically, the holiday season.  but 2013 is going to be a brand new, exciting, crazy year.  case in point:  baby in my belly.

i've never been too much of a stickler for resolutions.  i mean, shouldn't every day be a day to accomplish something?

ha.  yeah right.

but here are some big ticket things i have my eye on for the year.

1.  travel.  hubs and i agreed early on that we want to expose our child to travel as soon as it makes sense to take him around.  it'll be a different type of experience, and hopefully a happier one.  i'm ready.

2.  career.  do i go back to work or become a stay at home mom.  ideally, i want to go back to work.  but then again, i'm bored out of my mind right now.  things might change after he's here.

3.  personal.  last year, i jumpstarted the year with the goop cleanse.  this year, i think we're going to aim for a healthier lifestyle overall.  make some use of my gym membership.  cook more.  sign up for a 10k.

what decisions or changes do you plan to make for 2013?

*puerto rico in jan 2012*