Thursday, November 1, 2012


i have all these random squares leftover from when i created this board [pre-preggo project.  and yes, everything in my life is now categorized as pre-preggo, whilst-preggo, and eventually post-preggo.  just the way it is.]  i exacto-knifed 48 squares from a thickish matte board to create the frame for each 3x3 picture.  it was hell.

at the end of it all, i was left with 48 square cutouts [and without feeling in my fingies] and didn't want to just throw away my blood, sweat and tears.  so i've kept them for all these months waiting for the perfect project.

lo and behold, i found the answer when i googled something like 'paint project diy squares'.

this was done with paint swatches.  i plan to watercolor each of my squares to get a similar effect.

should kill about 2 hours.  scoresies.


  1. that is sweet looking! i'm totally doing this.


  2. that is so awesome! and so were your halloween costumes :)