Friday, November 9, 2012


i know nail art is the new lipstick but still.  i want some bomb lipstick.  the best lipstick i have is a bright red matte color from revlon.  that my friend gave me for free because she got it for free after the revlon run/walk.  approximately 5 years ago.

gross? quite.

so now i'm on the prowl.  any tips on where to get these colors?  any brand faves?  i haven't shopped for lipstick in 15 years.  i'm shy.

images via pinterest.


  1. ahhh! i have totally been planning on doing a post about the first lipstick i ever bought-which was 3 weeks ago.

    it's revlon. i like it okay, but it doesn't stay on very well, which sucks.

    apparently lipstain from sephora is really good.

    sorry for being not helpful. at all.

  2. Love these dark lips!
    I'm your newest follower, what about you being my newest follower too?


  3. nars velvet matte lip pencils are awesome! i love the shade "cruella." lipstick is the one cosmetic item i tend to splurge on - ysl and armani make great ones, too!

  4. My favorite favorite is NARS Scarlet Empress - I wore it in my wedding. NARS Velvet Matte Pencil in Dragon Girl is runner up.

  5. i've been thinking i should dabble in lipstick

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