Monday, November 5, 2012


do you coupon?  i don't.  i should though.

anyways.  hubs asked what i wanted for christmas this year and i started rattling off a  lo0o0o0o0ong list of to-dos, rainchecked for post baby.

for example.

sushi.  like i want sushi.  so bad.
wine tasting (anywhere, i don't care).  i want to drink.
start running together.  i want to sweat.
and so on and so forth.

blah blah - all things i want to do right now but can't.  so given what i want, he said he'd give me a coupon book of 10 things i could redeem whenever however.  and we would agree on the 10 things together.  normally i'd think something like this was cheesy.  but crave something and then hold back for 9 months. and then tell me how you feel.



  1. I don't coupon, but only because whole foods has like 3 that are helpful.

    And even though the personal coupons are cheesy, I like them because it's nice to actually get exactly what the fuck I asked for.

    Hooray for sushi and wine. I just moved up to Santa Monica and I have no idea where you live because that would be creepy, but I will totally run with you. I need a running partner.

  2. been there.. i'd like to have a few coupons for extra hours of sleep and you get him when he cries..

  3. This is a great idea! And vouchers for wine are never a bad idea.

  4. 9 months without wine or sushi. I can't fathom.