Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013


i loathe wearing heels and love flats.

i've seen these around for a while and now think it's about time i add them to my ever-growing collection of toms.

via chanel.

p.s. dorner.  crazy.

Friday, February 8, 2013


on sunday, the prabal gurung for target collection is hitting the market.

it's all about florals (a trend that won't seem to die) and 'love' and i didn't think i'd like it but... i love it.

sure, my due date is monday.  but i doubt the little guy is going to be on time so i may have to take a husband-escorted trip to our local target on sunday.

don't judge me.

via target.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


i was gchatting with a friend of mine yesterday and the topic of push presents came up.

to be honest?

i'm not getting a push present.  it's my fault, really.  because the things i want are way out of our league.

instead, i will probably demand 1 sushi meal a day.  for the rest of my life.

the hermes constance. via fash and me.

that's right.  want.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


if you don't LOVE or know what nutella is, you're crazy.

and it's nutella day. you'd better recognize.

i'm making these, like right now.

my doc told me today to cut out salt for the swelling and the sweets for the chubby baby inside of me.  she specifically said "no more ice cream".  

b*tch cray.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


...for your sympathetic comments.  i should really just suck it up but i can't help complaining.  but it seems normal given your reaction so thank you for letting my inner whine shout to the high skies.

i feel like sharing some personal goodies here today.

first pic is the wallpaper installed in our bedroom.  it's just one wall because the room is small and i didn't want to be engulfed in peonies.  but the gold is subtle enough to not feel overwhelming and i think it's perfect.

side note:  the paris poster is from... paris.  i asked my sister to get me a 'vintage map' during her most recent trip there.  sure, in the bottom right corner it says 'made in korea'... but she carted it across the ocean and then some for me, so it gets a prominent place in our home.

the next two pics are of the nursery.  our biggest contribution to the room are the prints and the frames.  oh, and the crib, which you don't see.  

everything else - books, shoes, baby clothes, baby stuff - are mostly hand me downs or gifts.

*my pics*

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


i'm 2 weeks from my due date and this waiting is just so. not. fun.  i was hoping for some good news from my doc today aka i'm close but apparently i'm so NOT close.  boo.

a lot of people have been giving us advice like 'get sleep now' and 'eat what you want now' and 'spend time with your hubs now'.  while appreciated, it's all i can do to not shoot daggers from my eyes to say 'stfu, leave me alone, i'm annoyed and uncomfortable'.

even my own doc compared me to jessica simpson noting how LOOOOOONG my pregnancy has felt.  i was like... sh*t, seriously.  i'm so ready already.

sorry for the whine sesh.

on that note, how adorable are scott and garance?  so cute.

photo via mr. newton.