Friday, October 26, 2012


yes, i'm totally into hair perms and all but this isn't about that.  i'm talking about something else ... a maj commitment ... with no turning back.  [well, not without spending bucks.]

wallpaper yo.

it's permanent.  but i don't care.  i love it.  i love it so much.

i already have some up in my kitchen/ dining area and i just got some new rolls for our bedroom.

the images that helped me make my decision:

 via oh joy!

via oh joy!

yeah that's right.  gold flowers.


  1. ooooh gold flowers! i thought they were gold artichokes at first.

    but it's definitely flowers, now that i look closer at it. i like the peacock on shimmer one too!

  2. It's gorgeous but I could never commit to wallpaper in my own house... I have horrible memories of helping my parents scrape 1980s wallpaper off of every wall in their house. It took years.

  3. Oh god that sounded really bitchy like "bwahaha it's your funeral." You are awesome and brave for hanging wallpaper. I'm going to be jealous forever.

    1. Hahah this comment cracks me up.

      I have only removed wallpaper once and it was really easy, so apparently I got lucky?

      I am just too wishy washy about decorating and would get bored and be like "I want to paint something right now" so wallpaper would be a bad idea. But I am also going to be jealous forevs.