Tuesday, January 8, 2013


i'm thisclose to babytimes, ppl.

this might be TMI but my body has been growing non stop and the stretch marks have been soooo marking their territory... like i actually get sad-faced over it it's so bad.   i've oiled and lotioned like a good little grease monkey but my skin is apparently destined for stretchmarkdom.  bummers.

or is it?  i turn 33 this weekend and truth be told, my bikini body hasn't been bikini worthy for about 10 years.  but i've stuffed my body into bikinis anyways.

so i guess now's the time to really start investing in some cute one-pieces.

yes, the blue floral print is definitely kind of mommy-ish.  but then again.  that's what i'll be shortly.  so.



  1. So excited for baby bitch guns! I'm worried about stretchmarkdom too.

    You should still stuff yourself into a bikini if you want! I wear one and probably shouldn't...I LOVE the look of #4. It's fun.

  2. I am pants-peed excited for your babyimes.

    Old Navy had some chevron-striped one pieces last season that were surprisingly unmommyish.

    Have you tried the Clarins oils? Expensive but aMAZing.