Sunday, January 20, 2013


are you a big reader?

i'm not.

but i love pictures.  love.  don't know about you but mine are all jumbled around on our external hard drive, my computer, my phone, my camera, through instagram, costco, picasa, kodak gallery, snapfish.  i've been meaning to put together photo albums for years now because what's the point of having digital copies all over the place without easy access to my favorite snapped moments.  but i've never been inspired by any of the products out there.

then i stumbled upon artifact uprising via oh joy and i'm obsessed.  it's a major project to build these books because i'm going to want to treat each picture and then work the layout and etc.  but for a lovely sunday, it might be a project worth endeavoring.

and 10% off with offer code INKEDFINGERS through tomorrow.


  1. That middle picture is beautiful!

    My photos are all over too. I would love to do a photo book.

  2. Oh I love to read! But I love photos too. I made a book of photos from my time in London, but the ones here look nicer.

  3. Those look really nice! with digitial cameras the number of pictures we take has increased exponentially! Having a baby only made that problem worse. ;)