Tuesday, October 30, 2012


my current story:  i'm a stay at home preggos person.  first trimester kicked my ass and i ended up resigning from a new job i had started just 3 weeks in.  srsly.  it was a huge blow to my ego and i have yet to really get over it, especially since i have, oh, about 30 hours of free time a day to do nothing but think about things over and over again whilst the little bean plays punching bag with my other organs.  thankfully, i'm in much better condition now but it's kind of like, now what.  like what do i with all this time until baby joins this world.

enter: spend $$ and redecorate the house.  yeah, that's right.  to my husband's dismay, my new time-consuming project (other than blog stalking you) is filling our small house with more stuff.  yesss.  who's with me.  i mean, it all began innocently enough because, hello, we needed to make up our nursery because, i mean, that's just what everyone does.  but then it started spilling over into all areas of the house. what's that saying: leave no stone unturned? something like that.

so this past week, west elm had a sale on their rugs.  so, naturally, i bought several.

and you know about the wallpaper.  next up, some furniture, some lighting, some frames, some prints to go in the frames, and et cetera (which is all spelled out because i have a feeling the et cetera items will be pretty hefty.)

happy tuesday.


  1. I got laid off two years ago and I'm still getting over it. On the downtime I read library books and cooked a lot and had way too many weird conversations in my head. Which I do anyway, but normally I'm half distracted because there are people around.

    You should draw faces on your stomach and take a picture everyday and then make a weird ass baby book.

  2. I tend to make stuff when I'm bored. Kind of a crafting addiction, I guess.

    I had been eyeing some of those West Elm rugs too. I hope you show how you use them in your home :)