Monday, October 22, 2012


gaw.  the weather is srsly such a tease.  it's so hot and then it's cold(ish).  like today felt like the perfect start to fall.  but the forecast shows another stint in the 80s later this week.

in any case.  when the weather gets a bit cloudy, nothing is as satisfying as a creamy, hearty, slow-cooked meal.  making stroganoff is pretty hard work [ahem, to me] but the outcome is just so worth it, it may just have to be on heavy rotation this fall.

totes forgot to take a picture of the final product.  because i had to put it in my mouth asap.

*beef stroganoff*


  1. at first i thought your title was going to refer to bouffing, or however you spell that weird stick a tampon soaked in alcohol up your b-hole.

    i'm really glad it's not that.


      seriously. apparently it's a thing. I DON'T GET IT!!!