Monday, December 10, 2012


i was going back and forth between getting a fake tree and a real tree this year.  we had a real one last year and it was nice.  nothing against it.  just considering my options.

the fake tree i wanted was sold out so i was like 'ok, let's get a real tree'.

my sister (in town from NY) came with me to a tree farm last week so we could pick one out.  we spent about 10 minutes selecting the perfect 4.5 footer.

but lo and behold.  neither of us could carry it.  i was like 'don't look at me.  i'm pregs.' and she was like 'i can't do it.  it's heavy.' so it was a fail.

and then this weekend FLEW by and my husband and i had zero time to pick up a tree.

and i kind of feel like this past weekend would've been the last to pick up a tree without feeling like it was a waste.

so while he was at work today, i did this.

*held together with scotch tape and love*

can't wait for him to come home and make fun of me.  whatever.  i need my tree.


  1. For the record, my husband just saw this picture and said "that's cool". So you win in my book. We haven't gotten a tree yet either. Our apartment is tiny and we're not going to be here for Christmas....

    I might steal your light idea. Or decorate our cardboard rocketship that looks kind of like a butt plug crossed with a sad Christmas tree

    Light idea it is!