Saturday, March 3, 2012


i had a meltdown about 10 days ago. like a real loss of sanity for a moment. full on uncontrollable sobbing, wheezing, booger-fused tears running down my face.

i wanted to grab my job by the neck and poke its eyes with about a thousand MILLION needles. slowly.


and then this past week, i felt ok. but it's like one of those things. where it's better. but still not good. so you know at some point, it's very possible that things could tank again the way they did before.

but at least i didn't sit in poo.


  1. I'm sorry you had a hard week! I know what that's like. Stay positive, if you can. You'll get through it!

  2. Sorry you had such a crap week! Here's to hoping this one's better. Thanks for stopping by again, I do love to hear from you!