Sunday, January 15, 2012


i really did let the lbs stack on this holiday season. i pigged out without abandon and it left me with fatty crumbs all over my mind and body.

so, i've decided to do my first ever cleanse. to feel better and to shake off all the nasties. and because i'm one to jump on the trend bus, albeit years after the fact, i've decided to try the infamous goop detox.

i spent today investing in a juicer (gughghg) and hitting up 3 grocery stores to get all the produce, powders, and potions i'd need to complete this endeavor. i really don't know how i'm going to feel or how i'm going to look, but really, i'm excited. i should be, right? because it's going to work, right?

i don't plan to post a day to day update unless something is just super craze and i can't not share what's happening.

as extra motivation, i'll continue to remind myself that crop tops are coming back back back.

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